About SOLF

SOLF – Swedish Association for Optic Suppliers

SOLF was founded in 1970 and is an association of Swedish suppliers of optical glasses, contact lenses, accessories, machines and instruments.

SOLF main mission is to:

  • represent and promote our members’ common interests,
  • support an appropriate development of the industry,
  • promote good quality and high standard in the industry,
  • represent our members’ interests towards authorities, media and NGO’s
  • monitor and manage exhibition and public relation issues.

What does SOLF do?

  • Members in SOLF gather regularly in meetings where current industry issues can be addressed.
  • SOLF arranges an annual fair where optics member companies have advantages as exhibitors.
  • Members in SOLF are invited to participate in sales statistics of glasses, frames and lenses.
  • SOLF assist members in legal advice, particularly in matters concerning consumer law.
  • SOLF provides coverage of business intelligence, for example EU rules.

For information:


Kristina Wirbing
+46 (0)8-508 938 51

Monica Eriksson (CEO)
+46 (0)8-508 938 843